Alex4D Animation Transitions - 120 Final Cut Pro X plugins

Need to animate while editing your story? Alex4D Animation Transitions is a pack of Final Cut Pro X transitions you can use to easily animate graphics, text and clips onto and off the screen.

Add instant character to logos, text, graphic elements and even video clips by springing, bouncing, sliding and skidding them onto and off the screen.

Try before you buy using the free FxFactory post-production app store application.

Alex4D Feature Overlays - Free

A free Final Cut Pro X effect that adds overlays to clips which are useful in feature film production.

Use this effect when handing edits over to sound, VFX and subtitling collaborators who use feet and frame counts.

Uploaded Wednesday 10 September 2014

Alex4D Flashback - Free

A free Final Cut Pro X transition that uses wide and short horizontal wave distortions for a "Scooby-Doo" flashback effect.

Use this transition to show a jump to the past to explain something in the present, or to illustrate what a character is remembering.

Uploaded Friday 18 October 2013

Alex4D Random Move Horizontal - Free

A free Final Cut Pro X title that moves lines of text across the screen in a random order.

Use this title to show large amounts of text very quickly.

Uploaded Friday 26 September 2013

Alex4D Timecode 35mm 4-perf - Free

A free Final Cut Pro X timecode effect that counts 35mm 4-perf film clips in feet and frames.

Use this effect when handing your edit over to sound, negative cutting and subtitling collaborators who use feet and frame counts.

Uploaded Friday 11 October 2013

Alex4D Switch Channel - Free

A free Final Cut Pro X transition that simulates an analogue TV switching channels between shots.

Use this transition to imply a change in content. Changing the channel means the outgoing subject is over, it is time to move on to the incoming subject.

Uploaded Friday 13 September 2013

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