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The Third Decade
Apple's third decade kicked off Tuesday, Jan. 7, at Macworld Expo in San Francisco with a keynote address by CEO Gilbert Amelio in which he outlined the OS strategy, discussed the acquisition of NeXT and showcased next-generation products and services. You can read selected comments from his keynote speech.

Expo News
What went on at the Macworld Expo? Read the Macworld Expo News page to catch up with Apple's announcements. Hear audio of major Macworld speeches and sessions in the Webcast archives.

Hot Products
Apple third party developers have been busy. See some of their best work on the Hot New Products page.

Go Figure
What's wonderful about the Macintosh? Read real-world testimony in "Go Figure" (A Quick Look at Some Important Apple Facts).

Apple Club
The Apple Club, Apple's first Internet-based subscription service, offers US customers fast access to software, information, discounts and giveaways.


Classic Server

The Plant Cell Biology department at Lund University in Sweden, this week's Made With Macintosh site, joined the web on a Mac Classic server -- it worked fine with virtual memory on and never crashed -- but recently upgraded to an Apple Internet Server 7250 for more speed.

QuickTime VR
QuickTime VR 2.0 for Mac OS adds an application programming interface (API) for the C language. The new API allows QTVR to easily integrate with Apple's other QuickTime Media Layer (QTML) technologies -- QuickTime and QuickDraw 3D.

Web Shopping
It looks like an old-fashioned department store, but AppleDesigns carries great new Apple merchandise with a myriad of Apple icons and some old favorites, including the Mac Picasso T-shirt.

System 7.6
Mac OS 7.6 replaces System 7.5.5 Update with improvements and easier installation.

Developer Survey
Today only -- Macintosh developers please fill out this survey of developer platform choices.

Location Manager
Apple announced Location Manager, free software which reconfigures PowerBook computers for different places, adjusting network, printer, time zone, file sharing, sound, relevant applications and extensions.

How Far Is It?
Use the Map feature on your Mac to determine the distances between cities. Type the first city name in the location field, hit Return and Set. Then type the second city name and press the return key to see distance in miles.

Ranking High
A couple of web lists have given the site high marks. The Web 100 rated Apple's home page #1, with some very favorable reader reviews ("Greatest Personal Computer Company and Web Site in the Universe!"). The Best of the Web declared Apple third Best Commercial Site of 1996.


Feed the Feedback

Want to be part of the development process of Apple's newest technologies? Customer Quality Feedback gives you the opportunity to influence the development of Apple products. Find out how to get involved.

PowerMac Site
Visit the new PowerMac site to find out everything you want to know about Apple's fastest and most powerful computer line.
Guaranteed Fresh
Get the latest Apple software -- Open Transport PPP 1.0, Open Transport 1.1.2, GeoPort/Express Modem Updater 3.0, System 7.5.5 Update, System 7.5 Update 2.0, Cyberdog 1.2 -- from Apple Support's smartly remodeled Get Info site, plus 50,000+ nuggets of useful information.

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