The Things We Do for Love

A documentary on dating and relationships in support of Help The Aged’s HUG campaign.


Trailer - Vimeo channel containing 21 minute version, 40 minute version and extra footage

Music: "Clementine" by Story One

“Delightful, funny, insightful and beautifully put together” - Anna Swan

“Most excellent” - Alexei Charkham

“Beautifully conceived and beautifully edited” - Irma Kurtz

“Truthful and hilarious” - Mel Hardy

“Sticks in the mind and replays with delight” - Ross MacLennan

Production notes · Credits

Cast and crew screening

We had our cast and crew screening on April 26th 2006 at the Curzon Soho in London.

Thank you to all those who supported the film, The Hug Campaign and Help the Aged.

Charity cast and crew screening with the kind support of paid for the venue hire and also donated money to the HUG campaign from Help the Aged.